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Isle of Man National Insurance Number

Find out How to get a Isle of Man National Insurance Number. To apply for a Isle of Man National Insurance Number you will need to complete CA5400 form and attend an identity interview. You can either request for a CA5400 to be sent to your home address by calling +441624 685400 or by collecting a form at the Government offices on Bucks Road in Douglas.

Once you have completed the application forms you will need to bring them to your interview along with two forms of identification (ID). One of the forms of ID must be photographic. Depending on your reason for needing a NIN, other documentation may be required. You will be informed of this when booking your interview. You can arrange an interview via contacting +441624 685400. The interview will last approximately 15 minutes. Once you have attended an interview, you can expect to receive confirmation of your application 1 week after your interview. You will receive confirmation of your application via post to your provided address.

If you were born in the Isle of Man and have been registered for child benefits, you will automatically be issued an IOM national insurance number. This would have come to you before the age of 16. You will receive confirmation of this number via post. Alternatively, if child benefits has not been received for the child due to the claimants income being too high, the child can obtain a CA3499 form which is a juvenile registration form by contacting +441624 685400. The applicant must still have reached the age of 16 in order to apply.

Using your Isle of Man National Insurance Number in the rest of the UK

As some of you may know Isle of Man (IOM) is one of the three island crown dependencies. Meaning the Isle of Man is a self-governed island. Unlike Jersey or Guernsey, the Isle of Man uses National insurance numbers like the United Kingdom (U.K.). An Isle of Man national insurance number has the same format as the United Kingdom; two letters, six numbers and one letter. The one difference is an NIN that has been issued in the Isle of Man will have a prefix of “MA” at the beginning.

There is some confusion between whether you can inter use your National Insurance Number between the Isle of Man and United Kingdom. We can confirm that your IOM National Insurance Number can be used in the UK for tax and vice-versa. Meaning as long as either the U.K. or IOM has issued you a national insurance number, you can work and access benefits at both without changing or applying for a new number.

Records are no longer interchangeable. This means for people whom have lived and worked in both U.K. and IOM will have a live National insurance account in each territory. Each territory will manage its own pension system separately. However if a contributory benefit, such as Jobseekers allowance, is claimed, contributions paid may satisfy claim criteria in the other territory according to the IOM and U.K. reciprocal agreement.

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