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EEA Family Permit

EEA family Permit’s are for close or extended family members of an EEA or Swiss national. 

A EEA Family Permit is not for a family member of a United Kingdom (U.K.) national. You must apply for this type of permit from outside of the U.K. You cannot apply for this type of permit online if you’re nationality is North Korean and or you are currently living in North Korea. A EEA family permit allows you to work a live in the UK. In order to work in the UK you must get a National Insurance Number. 

Eligibility for a EEA Family Permit

In order to apply you must be eligible. The EEA citizen your joining must be either: in the U.K. already or be travelling with you to the U.K. within 6 months of the date of your application. Alternatively, if they’ve been in the U.K. for more than 3 months they must be either: working, looking for work, studying, self-sufficient, self-employed or have a permanent residence document. A permanent residence document my also be known as a document certifying permanent residence. You must apply even if your family member has already applied for the EU settled Status Scheme. 

“Close” Family Member of a EU Citizen

To qualify as a “Close” family member you must be a spouse or civil partner of an EEA citizen. You can also be a relation to a EEA citizen or to the EEA citizen’s spouse or civil partner as there: Child or grandchild under the age of 21 years, dependent child or grandchild of any age, dependent parent or grandparent of any age.

Extended” family member of a EU Citizen

To qualify as an “Extended” family member you must show that you are dependent on the EEA citizen. Alternatively if you are a member of their household or have a serious health condition therefor rely on them to care for you, you can also qualify. If you are an unmarried partner of an EEA citizen, you can qualify as an “Extended” family member. You must show that you are in a lasting relationship with the EEA national.

Your close to a student of a EU Citizen

If you are a spouse or civil partner or an EEA national student you may also apply. You can also qualify as a dependent child of the EEA national student or dependent child of the EEA national student’s spouse or civil partner. For students, children of all ages must be dependent on the EEA citizen.

How to apply for a EEA Family Permit

You will need certain documents to apply for a family permit. You must have;

  • A valid passport
  • Your EEA family member’s valid passport or national identity card. You may also provided a certified copy if you cannot provide the original document.
  • Evidence of your relationship to your EEA family member. This would be documents such as a marriage certificate, civil partnership certificate, proof that you have lived together for 2 years (if you are unmarried) or birth certificate.
  • Proof of your dependency on your EEA family member (if this applies to your application).

You must show your EEA family member’s permanent residence document if your EEA family member has been in the U.K. for more than 3 months. Alternatively you can show one of the following:

  • Proof of employment; wage slips, employment contract or a letter from their employer.
  • If they are self-employed, paying UK tax and national insurance contributions, you will need to provide evidence. For example, invoices, contracts or audited accounts with bank statements.
  • Evidence that they are financially independent (bank statements showing funds).
  • If they are studying you will need to provide a letter from their college, university or school.

You can submit your online application here. Click Here.

If you are of North Korean nationality and currently living in North Korea, you must download a VAF2 application form and sent it to your local visa application Centre. This does not apply if you are North Korean nationality and currently live outside of North Korea.

Surinder Singh

If you have live in another EEA country with a British family member you may be able to apply for an EEA family permit. This is known as a “Surinder Singh” application.

Your British family relation must be one for the following:

  • Your spouse (Wife or Husband) or civil partner.
  • Your child or grandchild. Their spouse or civil partner is also eligible. You must be dependent on them.
  • Your parent or grandparent. Their spouse or civil partner is also eligible. You must be dependent on them or under the age of 21 years.

Requirements – you require

You and your British family member must prove that you meet the eligibility in the EEA country in which you currently live (if you wish to come to the U.K. at the same time). Alternatively if you want to join your British family member in the U.K., you must have met the eligibility while living together in another EEA country.

Requirements – you and your British family member require

You must prove that you have both genuinely made your home in another EEA country. You will need to prove that the EEA country has been your main residence or base. You also need to prove that you’ve lived together in this EEA country and integrated there.

Requirements – Your British family member

Your British family member must have the right to permanent residence in the EEA country where you both have lived together. Alternatively if they do not, they must have been one of the following there;

  • Self-sufficient
  • Self-employed
  • Working in the UK
  • Studying

If your British family has returned to the U.K. and has been living back in the U.K. for more than 3 months, they must also have these alternative requirements within the U.K. (self-sufficient, self-employed, working, studying or also currently looking for employment).

What happens if your Permit expires?

Generally your permit will only be for 6 months. During your time you can leave and entre the UK as much as you want. In order to stay after the 6 months you must apply for the EU Settle Status Scheme. You can find out how to apply for EU settle status here. You will need to apply by the 30th of June 2021.

Your family member will need to have a permanent residence document or be a “qualified person”. A qualified person is some one who is looking for work, studying or is self-sufficient. If you return to the UK after leaving and plan on working you will not have to apply for a National Insurance Number again, it is yours for life to use. If you have lost your National Insurance Number you can find it online or call their helpline.

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