was set up and run by Mark and Rose. A couple that entered the UK 5 years ago. The motivation was to help others get set up after arriving in the UK.

They quickly found the process of UK tax, getting a National Insurance Number and Brexit a confusing matter. The blog was set up to consolidate all the information needed in relation to these areas in one place. Making it easier and quicker for you to get set up so you can enjoy the UK! Their main focus areas are national insurance numbers and tax. Applying for a National insurance number can be a tricky matter, with so many companies and phone directory’s sending you in the wrong direction. Going down the wrong road will end up costing you in terms of money and time. Any company or phone number listed on this site has personally been reviewed and tested by Mark and Rose.

Brexit has been another huge drive to set up this blog. Currently there is so much information out there contradicting each other. You can rest assure any information relating to Brexit posted will be verified and referenced. Lets hope the relevant bodies sort it out quickly for all our benefit.

If you have any guest posts you think might be helpful for travelers arriving in the UK then please send them to Please note we do not accept sponsored posts and all posts will be reviewed before submission onto the site. Please visit our contact page for submission guidelines. We aim to get back to guest post submissions within 7 working days.

Please get involved with the posts and comment any questions you may have! Vice Versa please comment on a question if you know the answer! If you found the information helpful please share us on social media to help others.

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