Please find below all the frequently asked questions we get. We hope they answer any questions you may have. If you have a genuine question relating to the website itself then please contact

Do you accept guest articles?

Yes, we do accept guest posts and articles. Guidelines for posts can be found on our contact page. You must follow the guidelines in order for your article to be published. Please make sure your topic is not already covered before sending it to our admin team.

Do you accept sponsored posts?

No, we do not accept any sort of paid advertising. This is to ensure good user experience. This site was not set up for financial gain. It was set up to help others set up in the UK.

Do you test phone numbers and applications listed on your site? 

Yes. We personally review all helplines and applications. This is to check they are correct and give our readers information on what to expect.

Why did you set up this blog?

After traveling to the UK we found there was so much information relating to UK processes such as getting a National Insurance Number. We decided to help others and consolidate all the information you need in one place! We try and cover a wide range of topics.

Can we contact the admin team to ask questions?

Unfortunately no, but you can comment on the posts at the bottom of the posts for answers. Our community or admin will aim to answer your questions in the comment section. Please note comments will be reviewed before approval to make sure they are relevant to the post.

Are you currently active and updating the site?

Yes. We will put up a huge banner at the top of the page when we decide we are unable to update the website. Hopefully that day never comes but you never know what’s around the corner. Its important when it comes to the articles on this site to be up to date, its one of the reasons we felt the need to set it up.

Why are you called

We simply didn’t know what to call our site. We thought most people coming to the UK would need a national insurance number so thought it made sense.