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National Insurance CA5403 Form

A National Insurance CA5403 form is used to request a copy of your National Insurance Number. You will need to fill it out online and print it out. We recommend you try and call the HMRC first, they may be able to send it straight out to you. Most of the time you will be required to send a copy of a personal document, such as passport with your printed out CA5403 forms. Requesting your National Insurance Number on the phone avoids the hassle of printing and photocopying documents. During the application you will also be able to update your personal details if they have changed.

Click here for the HMRC CA5403 Form

Once you have printed out the document you must send it to the address – National Insurance Contributions and Employer Office HM Revenue and Customs BX9 1AN

The whole process takes up to 4 weeks from the date you posted your documents to the HMRC. Your National Insurance Number will arrive in the post to your home address. The HMRC no longer issues cards. Cards have been replaced with an official HMRC letter, this letter can be used as proof of your number just as the cards where. You can only use this form to find a lost national insurance number and not apply for a new one.

Is there a way to fast track my CA5403 form?

No. There is no amount of money or process that could fast track your application. There are companies online that claim to fast track your application but this is a false statement. They have no affiliations with the HMRC.

What documents will I have to send off with my CA5403 form?

You may be requested to send off photocopies of a personal document with your CA5403 form. You can either send a copy of your passport, birth certificate or driving License. If you do not have any of these documents you will need to send 2 of the following:

  • Adoption certificate
  • Home office or travel document
  • Work permit
  • Certificate of naturalisation
  • Marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • Certificate of service in Her Majesty‚Äôs Forces or merchant navy
  • Identity or medical card 

Do I have to send original copies or photocopies of my Documents with my CA5403 form?

When filling in your CA5403 form you may be requested to send a copy of a personal document. This copy must be a photocopy and not an original. There is no guarantee your original document will be returned. If you do not have a photocopier at home or work you can use your local library.

Why was I requested to fill out a CA5403 form?

This is because you were unable to answer the questions asked when requesting your National Insurance Number over the phone. The HMRC has a database, which contains your personal information. If you do not give answers that match the information the HMRC hold on you they will be unable to send out your National Insurance Number. The information might be different for a number of reasons; one example would be a change of address.

How long will the CA5403 take to complete?

The online application will take 5-10 Minutes to complete. Once complete you will need to send them to the HMRC. You can expect a reply from the HMRC within 2-4 weeks. This is from the date you post your CA5403 forms.

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